Fishers Crew

The FISHERS crew consists of committed members of the ‘Fisherman of Christ’ Fellowship who believe in the aims of FISHERS and whom the Lord has moved to serve in this area.

In serving the Lord in literature work, we have found that from time after time that if our hearts are not right with Him, our service is inevitably affected. He desires first that we seek Him, before what we can give. The Lord has chosen unworthy vessels to bless and use to bring glory to His name. Truly, we can relate to the spiritual principle behind the miracle of the five loaves and two fishes! We invite readers to pray for the ministry and us.

Chief Editor:
Tan Soon Yong

Editorial Board:
Dixie Chua, Peter Ooi, Kathryn Ooi, Mullai and Gladys Hoy

Vincent Sim and Chris Tay

Trevor Tan

Veronica Kong

Packing & Posting:
Tan Say Kiat

Bryan Yue

Adam Yeung, Jeslyn Siow and Jennifer Mathews